“All Levels” Class


We invite everyone to attend the all-levels classes. This is a vigorous practice with modifications available for each pose making it accessible to everyone regardless of shape, size, ability, or fitness level. No flexibility required. With the studio temperature hovering between 90 -95 degrees F, this practice will challenge you to step up to your personal edge where you will tap into your own inner power; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It will dramatically strengthen & tone your body while building flexibility, balance, endurance, and inquiry. This detoxifying rinse will open up your own authentic way of being -ignited with peaceful confidence.

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“Journey into Power Basics” Class


Based upon the same principals as the "All Levels" classes, the "Basics" class is designed to give you a solid foundation of the Power Vinyasa Yoga basics. We do so by slowing down the pace to focus on the fundamentals of the poses and breathing techniques. Whether you are brand new to yoga, new to this style, or have been practicing for many years, you will gain insights & understanding of your practice that you will appreciate for your lifetime. The "Basics" class is heated to a milder temperature than the "All Levels" class, so you will breathe, move, twist, and sweat at 85-90 degrees.

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“Kids Yoga” Class


Kids Yoga happening Saturday mornings in November 8:30-9:30.
This class will explore the world of yoga in a fun and playful way. Yoga poses, breath work, meditation and relaxation techniques are incorporated to not only be exercise but to develop body awareness and to teach mindfulness. Give your little warrior this gift of yoga and the benefits will last a lifetime.

These are 60 minute classes. Kids yoga classes are not heated. Cost is $7.
Adults, you can benefit from practicing at the same time in the adjacent studio space!

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