Arrive 15 minutes ahead of start time to get checked in & set up for practice. First time students please arrive 20 minutes early to get registered.

 –Bring a mat & towel. But if you don’t have one, no worries, rentals are available $2 for towels, $1 for mats.

Bring your water bottle.

Hydrate! Drink plenty of water the day ahead, the day of, during, and after yoga practice.

Inform your teacher about health concerns, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Be responsible and take care of your body.

Ask questions! The teachers and staff are here to support YOU.

Be willing to try something new.

Remove your shoes upon entering the lobby. There’s a freedom in bare toes and we’re not afraid of your feet. We practice with bare feet too.

Valuables? Best to leave them at home.

Eat light a few hours before class.  It doesn’t feel great to practice on a full stomach.

Dress for sweat.

Stay until the end of class.

Trust us, you smell fine. Please refrain from strong perfumes

Parking is no problem. We have plenty of it so please be courteous by leaving spots in front of the other businesses in the building for their customers.

-Most important, HAVE FUN!